Argentine Malbec: the most exported varietal in Argentina

With its wide range of styles, Argentine Malbec is strengthening its global position, reaching 119 countries in 2020.

Malbec Argentino

The 11th edition of Malbec World Day, and the grape has strengthened its international, commercial success with a total of 128,828,560 liters exported in 2020 and remains the most chosen Argentine variety in the world, expanding its positioning in a greater range of styles. The initiative promoted by Wines of Argentina, the institution in charge of promoting Vino Argentino at an international level, has the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Trade and Worship of the Nation and the Argentine Wine Corporation (COVIAR) and is part of the Strategic Wine Plan Argentina 2030.

With 45,657 hectares, Malbec is the most cultivated strain in the country. Furthermore, the production of Malbec in Argentina has marked an increase of 52% since 2010 and, according to INV data, it is the variety with the highest production nationwide with 3,721,290 quintals in 2020, representing 39.96% of the total reds produced. Mendoza maintains its leadership in the national production of Malbec with 3,195,129 quintals (85.86% of the total of reds produced), followed by San Juan with 246,806 quintals (6.63%), Salta with 122,384 quintals (3.29 %) and La Rioja with 65,677 quintals (1.76%).

Regarding the foreign market, 45.87% of the total exported was Malbec and 119 countries received at least one shipment of Malbec during 2020. Last year, 128,828,560 liters were exported for all categories, which is equivalent to USD 373,037,216, positioning Malbec Argentino as the most exported varietal in the country. Although the numbers reflect an 18% growth in volume compared to 2019, this does not translate in the same way in terms of value as a consequence of the greater increase in the categories with lower added value, a trend that is expected to reverse in 2021.

Once again, in the category of bottled wine, the United States remains the main destination for the variety (USD 124,218,880), followed by the United Kingdom (USD 50,212,298), Brazil (USD 27,756,281) and Canada ( USD 26,073,604). China, the eighth largest export destination for our national product with USD 6,359,211, remains one of the most important markets due to a sustained growth in its imports of wine.

Malbec World Day was celebrated for the first time on April 17, 2011 at the initiative of Wines of Argentina as part of its mission to promote the national industry and consolidate Argentina as a modern country in terms of wine and as a producer of premium wines. Thus, MWD positioned itself as an historic event in the promotion of Vino Argentino worldwide and its eleven editions speak of the commercial success of Malbec Argentino, its permanence as the preferred Argentine variety in the world and the recognition of its wide range of styles.

In a context marked by isolation and social distancing, the celebrations of MWD will unite and connect consumers from all over the world who share the same taste for the varietal. For this reason, the Malbec World Day 2021 agenda will be developed across digital ecosystems where strategic audiences of Malbec Argentino interact and will revolve around an inclusive concept that invites us to identify ourselves and feel part of: #MalbecArgentino, NOS gusta!